Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 3, 2020

How to Catch a Rival - Ana Ashley

When you’re competing, the last thing you should do is fall in love...especially with your rival.

Wren turned up out of nowhere and now he’s my boss...kind of. He’s also a straight, closed-off, emotionless icicle. Who cares if he’s also drop dead gorgeous, with eyes you could get lost in?

Tom is beautiful, colorful, strong, creative, and my eyes can’t stop following him everywhere he goes. He also works for my parents, which means he’s off limits. That, and I haven’t told them that I’m bi yet.

A baking competition with high stakes. Two men who both need that prize money.

When the heat moves from the kitchen to the bedroom, will Tom and Wren put their rivalry aside? Or is what they stand to lose more important than their growing feelings?


Stirred - Happy Hour - Olivette Devaux

Brad’s first gig in Las Vegas as an escort includes dressing up in a sexy mailman uniform. Not what he expected as a shy, wholesome and a freshly-out gay from Nebraska, but a temporary gig beats starving while job hunting.

Hunter’s regulation mailman uniform has longer shorts Brad’s. His shirt lets a bit of air through, and he doesn’t wear lace-up platform boots like Brad. Running behind, he’s shocked to find that his office sent him reinforcements – and that his bored colleagues tricked the new guy into wearing a go-go getup.

Drinks at the Happy Hour Inn follow a hard day at work as Hunter, a tough Army vet, takes it upon himself to become Brad’s guardian angel.

But Brad pulls his weight at the most unexpected of times, showing Hunter a future he had never imagined.


Please Boss - Shea Phoenix

I want my pants pulled down. I want to be bent over the table. I want to forget dinner. Forget I hit reply-all. Forget my idea was stolen. Forget everything and just get f@#$! And then I want to order Chinese food.

My bosses abandoned me out here at this new office and the best thing I have going for me is fantasizing about lavender-soap-elevator-man.

But just my luck, lavender-soap-elevator-man is a Turnaround consultant. He gets paid obscene amounts of money to turnaround failing companies. A dream job and a dream guy. Only I’ve never been with a man before.

I could use a turnaround myself. When he targets my company, he targets me too. I only hope he won’t find out what I’ve been doing these last few months.


Trick-or-Treat Dragon - Xya Olsen

His fated mate lives by one rule: never date a neighbor.

Ash locked his heart to the cul-de-sac he calls home after an ugly breakup with his neighbor, Jaxon. Dealing with one smug ex for the rest of his days is one too many—and he isn’t interested in doubling that number anytime soon. But when the house next-door sells days before Halloween, Ash’s resolve gets tested.

Single-dad Pierce Pendragon is hot-as-sin and fiery like the dragon inside of him. He’s just Ash’s type, which makes the dragon’s charms hard to resist. Pierce knows they’re meant to be together, but his mate has been burned before. He’s guarded; scarred by love that didn’t work out... Just like Pierce.

When Pierce and his daughter trick-or-treat at Ash’s house Halloween night, the shifter leaves him spinning with a sultry kiss, vowing to give him the love he never had… Even if he has to break the rules.

Will Ash throw his rules out the window and risk it all for another chance at love?



Pink Frosting Passion - Colbie Dunbar

Who doesn’t love frosting… especially when it’s pink?

Omega Matt is a whiz-kid businessman, but before an important meeting he needs a fix. A sweet sugary one. He’s captivated by Tom, the handsome owner of the café, The Sweet Spot, but their conversation revolves around a dollop of creamy pink frosting, and cupcakes.

Baker extraordinaire, alpha Tom has a lot on his mind with the upcoming Bake Sale Bachelor Auction. He’s one of the bachelors, but he’s concentrating on an order for a corporate client when a sassy omega wanders into his café. An emergency derails his plans, but the cocky omega he met earlier has other ideas.

When the auction doesn’t go according to plan, the pair try to recreate the date that never was, but Matt’s interfering, yet loveable, family gets in the way. So, they go for Option 2 which involves a blanket fort, fairy lights, and plenty of treats.

Always look on the pink side of life!


Hot Mess - Misha Horne

It’s not like I haven’t been trying. I did college, I found a job, now I bought a house. Surely one of them has to make me feel like a grown up. Eventually.

My hotter-than-anyone-deserves-to-be neighbor is definitely a grown up, with a square jaw and massive forearms, who takes homeownership very seriously.

Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed with him. Maybe I spend a little too much time imagining what it would be like if we just happened to have relevant interests. If he used those forearms for something besides yard work— like maybe teaching a lesson to someone whose life is clearly out of control.

Too bad if anyone on the planet is vanilla, it’s reliable, responsible Erik Jenko who washes his car every Sunday and offers to mow my lawn. A gorgeous distraction in work boots and faded t-shirts, but definitely not kinked in my direction.

At least that’s what I thought until I got his mail…


Peanut Butter Promise - Lorelei M. Hart

Sometimes Christmas magic begins with one little dog biscuit...

Alpha Shaw spends his days keeping Dellburn’s animal shelter running smoothly. He saves lives and completes families. When he’s asked to help with this year’s charity auction, he is all in. He might not be the world’s best baker, but his dog biscuits are loved by canines.

Omega Caleb, one of Dellburn’s newest residents, has one goal—to climb the corporate ladder. He doesn’t even mind giving up his planned trip home to see his family to attend a local charity auction on his company’s behalf—mostly.

An emergency at the shelter has Shaw missing the auction, leaving Caleb with a plate of inedible cookies and no way to politely get out of his date. He’ll just keep their promised date short and call it good. Spoiler alert: Mother nature, stray kittens, and a dead battery have an altogether different idea.


Fated: Wolf and the Shark - Hawke Oakley

Even though fate took mercy on Remington in the form of a loving new pack, he still has nightmares about his hard life as a stray. Old scars make it difficult for him to trust. Can he ever truly heal?

When he realizes just how jaded he’s become, Remington runs away. But old dangers lurk, and without his pack’s protection, Remington is alone and vulnerable. As his heat strikes at the wrong time, fate sends him a guardian angel.

The alpha smells like sea-salt and musk—and also like the home Remington’s been searching for his whole life.

After being reunited with his brother and long-lost mother, Nero knows he wants to start a family of his own. But he’s only just awakened to his status as an alpha and a shark shifter. He has a lot to learn. Romance can wait. Or so Nero thinks, until he tastes a delectable scent more potent than blood in the water—a scent so alluring that its pull can only be described as destiny.