Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 26, 2019

Made in Manhattan - Ana Newfolk

Is there a second chance in love?

Isaac was kicked out by his family at a young age. It took him years of hard work to become his own man. Now he’s helping the LGBTQ youth of Lisbon so they don’t have to go through the same.

Max has a long and troubled past. An ER nurse in New York City who volunteers at the local Liberty Center, he knows what it’s like to lose your family and having to make it on your own.

A second chance encounter.
A temporary work placement.
An unexpected twist.

With Isaac in Manhattan they finally have their chance, but will they make it, or will life’s tests tear them apart for good?


Bound by Him - Leighton Greene

Benjamin Ballard always assumed he was straight - in every way possible. They invented the term 'vanilla' to describe him. But if Ben's so straight, why can't he get his inscrutable coffee-shop co-worker Xander Romano out of his head? And how come Xander's rough-housing on the basketball court gets Ben so flustered?

Xander Romano keeps his private life private, and lives by a strict set of rules. No fooling around with straight guys, and definitely no fooling around with vanilla guys. Been there, done that, got his heart broken. All Xander wants now is to focus on his acting career, and keep his darker desires under wraps.

So what is it about Benjamin Ballard that makes Xander want to break all the rules? When Ben begs for a chance to experiment, Xander can't resist taking him in hand. It's just one quick session, after all.

But Ben has other ideas...


Season's Customs - Cassia Rose

Gloine, a spirit of reflection, has no idea how to share his feelings for his human rescuer - but he is determined to try. Ever since Kevin freed Gloine from a mirror prison, Gloine found his presence a soothing respite from the chaotic spirit realm.

The human holiday of Kriz Maz finally presents an opportunity for a heartfelt gesture, but miscommunication and untimely tragedy could threaten their connection. Gloine concocts an outrageous gambit to bring Kevin to the land of the spirits, but will it spell Kevin's doom? Or, is a visit Gloine’s only chance to make him smile again?

Without armor or sword, Kevin voyages to a world where gravity and air are optional, as Gloine desperately works to see him through unharmed - hoping that it won't cost them their relationship on the way.



Dust Trail Blues - Layla Dorine

The last place Nash wanted to break down was south Mississippi. With his extreme heat sensitivity and one scorching Mississippi summer, he had every intention of passing through the state as quickly as possible. Too bad his bike had other ideas, leaving him stranded on the side of the road in a rather desperate predicament, until a tow truck driver happened by and offered him a hand.

Jude knew his brother would be pissed at him for being late, but there was no way he could pass by the sun sick rider and not offer a helping hand. When it turned out fixing the bike wasn’t going to be cheep or quick, he and his reluctant brother, Justice found themselves with a houseguest full of sarcastic whit and a bunch of surprises.

The last thing Justice thought they needed was to be lending a helping hand to a stranger when it seemed like their entire world was crashing down, thanks to their uncle Les and a mortgage Justice hadn’t found out about until it was almost too late. Still, he can’t deny that Nash is pleasant to look at, and sparks soon begin to fly.


Witching You A Merry Christmas - Colbie Dunbar

The weeks leading up to Christmas are magical—except when your magic is a little wonky! Charlie is a warlock with a problem. Each year from December 1 until Christmas Eve, he causes chaos wherever he goes. And his ability to see the future vanishes, but no one can figure out why.

Omega Miles is a Vale Valley new arrival. When he meets Charlie on the first day of the month--after the warlock unintentionally scrambles eggs at the supermarket--the two embark on a quest through the Advent Season. They choose a new activity each day and push the boundaries of what Charlie is willing to do.

The unlikely pair forge a friendship and as they share details about their past, the relationship blossoms. And though the plan is to discover why Charlie’s powers wobble every December, as well as helping him get over his fears, neither warlock nor omega want their journey to end.

As time races toward Christmas Day, the pair makes a startling discovery—one that baffles Charlie. Will they get their happy ending or will someone come between them?


Remember Him - Steve Milton

Baxter Rawlins: a real heartbreaker.
He broke mine ten years ago.

Back in high school, Baxter pretended not to even know my name. I was a skinny, plaid-shirt-wearing nobody. I was openly gay, but nobody even cared — except Baxter, when he wanted a hookup. That was all a nerd like me could expect from the star quarterback and prom king.

Our trysts were his dirty little secret.

I’ve stayed away from Baxter for a decade now, even when he came back to visit Honey Bay.

I’m older now. Wiser. I know I deserve better. Even if I can’t stop thinking about his smile and his laugh. Even if I remember those fleeting moments when we were together.


Naughty AF - Misha Horne

REX: Hooking up with my new stepbrother over the holidays is probably fine, right? After all, What Happens at Christmas, Stays at… well, blah, blah, you know the rest. It’s not like it’s a big deal.

So we accidentally stopped annoying each other long enough to get our Christmas kink on, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Whatever. It happens. Nothing has to change. Except I think it already has.

BRAD: Hooking up with my new stepbrother over Christmas break is probably fine, right? Holiday hookups are a thing. They make movies about them all the time.

If it had ended with just one kiss or one afternoon of kink, or one surprisingly sweet holiday adventure, this would be a lot easier. But it didn't. Instead, I accidentally got to know him. And now I'm not sure I want this to end at all.