Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 24, 2020

Encore - Lizzie A. Williamson

If perception is supposed to be everything -- what happens when you stop caring what people think?

Garrett Fairchild is on the cusp of Country music superstardom by trusting that his cousin Eddie knows best -- about money, life, and well, everything. No one was ever supposed to figure out he was gay, especially not the businessman with the mesmerizing green eyes.

After spending his formative years trying to escape the abuse of his father, Finn O’Donnell doesn’t trust anyone. Intensely private and asexual to boot, he figures on being lonely for the rest of his life. A budding relationship with Garrett only could happen in his dreams -- or could it?

Two men convinced they’ll never find love, find it in each other. But what happens when a conversation rips the relationship apart -- do you go back for your Encore or do you take your curtain call?


Incubus - Leighton Greene

Los Angeles, 1956.

Coleridge Fox has a liar for a lover, a gambling debt he can't pay, and his screenwriting career is D.O.A.

He thought the Incubus, a serial killer hunting in Hollywood's back streets, was the least of his worries, but now he's starting to wonder.

Cole fell for the suave Leo Mancini the day they met, but is it ever really possible to trust a liar—especially when Mancini makes a murder suggestion sound like a marriage proposal?



Season's Customs - Cassia Rose

Gloine, a freed spirit of reflection, has no idea how to share his growing feelings for his human rescuer, but he’s determined to try. He’s keeping a close watch as the human holiday of “Kriz Maz” approaches in this sweet romance, but miscommunication and tragedy could threaten his plans. Will the coming celebrations offer an opportunity for a heartfelt gesture?


The Baker - Sebastian Winters

A bag of flour...
A beautiful baker...
A spectacular dessert...
Who could resist?

When John spots Rick across the room, he'll stop at nothing to find out who the mystery man is, but first he really wants to know who made the scrumptious deserts.

Imagine John's surprise when the two turn out to be the same person. Now, he'll just have to convince Rick that they're meant to be together for more than a one-night stand.


Secret - Timothy Warren

Demarco Alford works for Chandelier—a high-profile escort agency providing discreet services to government officials, foreign dignitaries, and the elite. One night, while attending an embassy event, Demarco stumbles upon a... SECRET.

Jack Keegan works for the Secret Service—a government policing agency providing security to the upper echelon of national and international VIPs. One night, while working an embassy event, Jack meets Demarco and becomes part of the... SECRET.

Demarco and Jack soon find themselves entwined in a mystery involving the son of Middle-Eastern royalty. Will Jack’s obligation to protect his country outweigh his fierce attraction to the handsome male escort? Will Demarco get past his inner insecurities and allow his beefy bodyguard access to a heart hardened by experience? ... SECRET.


Santa's Naughty Boy - Wendy Rathbone

A young man discovers Santa has many secrets.

Working at an out of the way gay bar in Alaska is all Angel knows. The daily grind is getting boring, until one evening a handsome older man walks in wearing a red parka and a Santa hat.

Now Angel can't stop thinking about this Santa daddy. But this guy plays hard to get. As if he's hiding something. Something big.

Soon Angel will discover that Santa daddy has many secrets, not the least of which is an ice castle at the North Pole complete with hidden room full of more than toys for kids.


XOXO, Santa - Spencer Spears

Blake: What do you do when you realize at age 20 that you might like guys?

If you’re me, you come up with a brilliant and foolproof plan: Proposition the one gay guy you know to swipe your V-card over winter break. In my case, that’s my childhood best friend, Henry. Just one problem—Henry hates my guts.

That’s okay, though, because I’ve got a Plan B: Download an app, find a guy to hook up with, and figure out once and for all if I’m as gay as my internet search history suggests.

One more little problem—before I can meet the guy I’m messaging online, I have to get through a week’s vacation with Henry and our families.

Henry, who can’t stand me, but who I can’t get out of my head. Henry, who’s off-limits, but who I maybe kinda sorta kissed last night? Henry, who’s spending an awful lot of time checking messages on his phone…


Hot Mess - Zane Menzy

Kieran Harrington's life is a hot mess.

After losing his job, apartment and his girlfriend, Kieran is forced to return to his small hometown and live with his older brother. It is a humiliating ordeal for the uptight 26-year-old who swore he would never return to the place he was bullied mercilessly as an unpopular teen.

When his brother's best friend, the fun-loving Ziggy Zurakowski, invites him for a weekend away to a secluded cabin, Kieran jumps at the opportunity. However, it soon becomes apparent Ziggy has more than just rest and relaxation on his mind.

Kieran doesn't know what to do. Sure, Ziggy is an incredibly handsome guy but Kieran's straight... Isn't he? As Ziggy turns up the charm, Kieran realizes he's fighting a losing battle. What follows is a night of reckless passion filled with deviant exploits that take Kieran places he needed to go, but... But what happens now?


Ready Boss - Shea Phoenix

Rufus Gray isn’t sure he’s ready to tame the raging storm that is Harry Kane, but it’s not a problem if they both get wet.

Rufus: When I find out my assistant, Harrison is looking for other jobs, I feel betrayed. So what if I tortured him for months to get him to quit because he was driving me crazy? That doesn’t mean he can leave me. He’s the perfect submissive, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

When I find out he’s made a deal with his friends, I plan on being that deal. Only problem is his condition is that he’s the top and I’m the bottom. He just might be worth the investment.

Harrison: I have one task left before I can leave this job- and maybe my best friends too. I made sure the deal with Noel and Perry had an impossible condition on it- impossible for Rufus anyway. But resisting him over Christmas break might be too hard.