Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 19, 2019

Ryder's Boys - Cody Ryder

Ryder’s Boys is a sweet and fluffy contemporary gay romance bundle featuring three sun-soaked novels set in glamorous Southern California. Fans of fast-paced, lighthearted stories (and dogs!) will love this wonderful collection.


Guarding Hope - River Ryan

Milo: When I fled to the city with my daughter, I thought I’d never feel safe again. I trusted too easily back then. I believed in fairytales like Fate and true love. I don't need an alpha to swoop in trying to save me. Especially not my friend’s estranged older brother; rich, brooding and hot as hell.

He’s raising his little boy all alone since his wife died. I think he’s a little bit broken, just like me. He works his way under my defenses. Makes me trust him. Fall for him. Too bad I don’t believe in happily ever after anymore. The past always catches up.

Jason: Cold. Detached. Heartless. My reputation doesn’t bother me. All I care about in this world is my son. Until him. The sweet omega who always has a smile for everyone he meets… Apart from me.

Becoming his landlord is just the start. I’ll prove to him we’re meant to be a family. Nothing will keep us apart. Not my disapproving family. Not his abusive ex. Because I protect what’s mine. And this omega? He’s mine.


Healing Hearts, Stealing Hearts - K. Evan Coles

Some hearts are made to be mended.

Zac Alvarez never expected to start his life over at forty-five, but his recent divorce means doing just that. Luckily, his career as a nurse in Boston keeps him busy and he has friends who understand Zac’s need to be as careful with his heart as he is with his diet.

Acting on a whim one fall afternoon, Zac buys lunch from a food truck and meets Aiden Marinelli, a bold young chef who is taking the city’s food scene in new directions. Aiden is only thirty, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Zac, but both the chef and his food prove impossible to resist.

An attachment forms between the two men and, as the winter holidays draw near, Zac begins to emerge from the protective shell he’s built around himself. A chance encounter with his ex-husband shakes Zac’s newfound confidence, however, and he pushes Aiden away, unaware how deeply the act will hurt them both until it is too late.

Now, Zac must decide if he is brave enough to go after what he wants and mend not only Aiden’s heart but his own.


Ignite - Wolf Specter and Angel Knots

Dragon shifters have split souls, and when they find their other half—their human half; their fated mate—they bond for life. But after five hundred years of searching, Ben has yet to find the human who shares the other half of his soul.

…because fate doesn’t always play by the rules, and it turns out that Ben’s mate isn’t a human at all.