Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 10, 2020

Winter Wonders - Leighton Greene

Cooper Kincaid finds the perfect gift on the side of the road: Jonathan Ashe. So perfect, in fact, that he can't resist unwrapping the gorgeous present and playing with him a little early, after taking Jon back to his cabin to recover from a minor car accident.

But their merrymaking is complicated when Cooper lies to his meddling mother, and tells her he's dating Jon.

Jon has no interest in a relationship after getting his heart broken. Definitely no interest in the heir to the Kincaid estate, where Jon is working for the holidays. And especially no interest in a guy so new to finding his bossy side in bed.

Still, maybe a fake relationship could be fun, just for the holidays?


Let Me Find Your Omega - Ashe Moon

With my powers, I can peer into the future and see who your one-and-only is… But not everyone is fated to fall in love.

You’d think the world’s best divination agent would know what it’s like to love someone, but the lifelong sacred vow I swore meant sacrificing love to keep my powers strong.

When a cup of spilled tea gets me intimately acquainted with the hands of Markos Plaintail, I find my oath suddenly put on the line. Single dad to Elise, a gregarious little girl full of questions about what it takes to become a divination agent, Markos is the first alpha in my life who has looked past my oddness to see the real me.

He’s been scarred by a shattered romance, and so we both have our reasons for putting up walls around our hearts. I need to let things go, and that should make it easy—so why do I so badly want to help him see he can love again?


Heat Race - Tanya Chris

It’s been generations since alphas could knot and omegas could get pregnant, since anyone has shifted. Today’s hybrids are more human than wolf, but there’s one tradition they’ve retained: the heat race.

Jack Henry stands at the starting line, undecided. He could conspire to be caught by his best friend, but would Elias be alpha enough for him? Maybe he’d prefer to be claimed by Saul, the huge alpha he’s always had a crush on. Then Jasper shows up—a dangerous stranger dressed in black leather.

Jack Henry can’t decide, and so he runs, pursued by three suitors plus the one alpha he can’t abide—a violent man who won’t take no for an answer. Jack Henry’s going to need more than one alpha to keep him safe. Because it turns out that legendary abilities like knotting, shifting, and child bearing might be more than relics of the past.


Beary Merry Christmas - Colbie Dunbar

What happens when the life you envisioned is snatched away and something else takes its place?

Alpha Private Investigator Milton loves his job until a hit is put on his life. He grabs his stash of emergency cash, fake passports, and the teddy bear he’s had since childhood, the one he imagined so many crazy adventures with. As it turns out, his adventures weren’t so imaginary, and Horace, his bear, becomes more of a friend than a toy.

Omega Tristan has accepted that Vale Valley is his future. And his starting over came with a beautiful surprise, his childhood toy, Patch, was more than he ever knew. Only now, Patch has gone missing, and Tristan goes to the only person in town who he thinks might understand.

As Milton and Tristan begin a quest to unearth what was lost, they discover the magic of true love.


Breaking the Ice - Anders Grey

Derek: Romance ruins everything. After swearing off love, all I want is a quiet life in the mountains with my dogs. But everything changes when a city boy named Blaze comes barreling into town. When Blaze’s mistake gets my assistant injured, I’m forced to swallow my bitter pride and admit he’s the only available replacement. Being in close proximity with him quickly gets on my last nerve. He’s inexperienced, naïve, and clumsy—he’s everything I can’t stand. So why am I dreading the day he finally leaves?

Blaze: I flew up north to pursue my dreams of meeting my hero, Derek Winters, and his dogsled team. Derek tells me to get lost, but when his assistant gets hurt, a stroke of fate intervenes. I’m the only person in the world who can help Derek, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. It’s no secret Derek despises me, but his loneliness is clear as his ice-blue eyes. I know there’s a heart of gold beneath that grumpy exterior. Can I make him understand that he doesn’t have to be alone? Or will he refuse me even when his life depends on it?


Blurred Lines - L.C. Davis

I don't just play by the rulebook, I've devoted my life to it as a law student--much to the chagrin of the alpha males around me. When my twin falls for a heavily inked alpha who runs a tattoo studio alongside his equally disreputable brother, James, my buttoned-up world is turned on its head. I'm planning a tattoo of my own, but having just one is different, isn't it?

Beautiful yet stuffy Shan and I have never gotten along. When he shows up at my studio and shocks me by announcing he's there for a tattoo, I end up being the one to leave my mark on his skin--and after a reckless one-time encounter, he leaves a mark on my heart that I'm afraid will never fade...