Sweet and Spicy Deals for August 5, 2021

The Necromancer's Light - Tavia Lark

He’ll die without touch.

As a necromancer, Shae loses a little more of himself every time he uses his magic. Always cold, always touch-starved, the only thing that helps is human contact. But that’s hard to come by when those same dark powers scare everyone away from him. Nobody likes a necromancer. Especially a paladin of the Radiant Order.

Arthur’s still bitter and broken after his last lover stabbed him in the back, and the last thing he needs is another brush with evil. When he agrees to escort the wandering necromancer north, he’s just doing a public service. But he never expected Shae to be so clingy. Or distractingly attractive.

Shae has never felt an aura as warm and safe as Arthur’s. He craves the man’s touch—and more. But everyone he’s ever known has left him, and it’s just a matter of time before Arthur leaves him too. Assuming the soul-stealing monsters don’t kill them first.


Caught on Camera Part One - Lily Harlem

When Reece Carter is caught on camera canoodling with hunky gardener Cade Davenport, a new, super-sexy opportunity presents itself that he just can't walk away from.

Reece Carter is sweating in the dirt and feeling the heat, slaving away indoors. But at least he has a nice view from the window - sexy gardener Cade Davenport - who is mowing the lawn minus his shirt. Soon thirst overcomes Reece and he finds himself getting frisky in the hot tub with the super-confident, seize-the-moment Cade, whose wit, humor, and cocky smile are irresistible.

What Reece doesn't know is that the walls have ears and the trees have eyes. His every moan, gasp, and erotic move is being recorded in fine and shocking detail.

But what does that mean? And what about the intriguing offer Cade puts to him? Shouldn't he just punch his lights out for filming him without permission? And will Reece's life ever be the same again after being caught on camera?



Flawsome Explorations - Ariella Zoelle

I approach Zio in search of a no-strings-attached evening of fun to kick off my business trip to Hawaii. But I get way more than I bargained for when I discover a shy, nerdy sweetheart who finds beauty in my flaws. He even accepts the parts of my heart that I hide from the world. It makes me want to make him mine—not just for one night but for every night of the rest of our lives.

He says he’s straight, but when have I ever let that stop me from getting what I want?


Getting Sacked - Van Cole

The College Quarterback And The Bad Boy United Against Their Wills

My senior year takes an unexpected turn with my mom’s remarriage. A new stepbrother who hates my guts and a new stepdad who becomes our new coach. To make things worse he hires my stepbrother Dean as his assistant.

I’m playing on unfamiliar territory. Dean has a tatted and toned figure, with a dark, intimidating gaze. I can’t tell if I want to prove myself to him or if I want...something more.

I feel a connection between us I can’t ignore. I think he’s starting to feel it too. A big part of me wants to find out, and another part is too scared.

I’ll be laying it all out there if I want the answer and there will be consequences.


The Keystone Alphas - Ashe Moon

Meet the seniors of Keystone Academy’s Death March Study Squad: Viggo, Dane and Red. Best friends since childhood and as close as brothers, they’re three alphas who share everything in life.

Omega freshman Brendan Prince has no friends and no clue how to manage the brutal rigors of his new university. When Brendan stumbles upon the DMSS, the trio take him under their wing to show him what it takes to survive. It’s quickly obvious that he was meant to be their friend, but he definitely didn’t expect to be the subject of not just one, but all three of the trio’s desires!

What in the world could an awkward omega like him provide to three perfect alphas like them?


Boy in the Air - Rachel Kane

"One week, ten thousand dollars, and we never have to see each other again.”

All billionaire scion Hawk wants is to be happy and do a little shopping. Okay, a lot of shopping. But now his dad is threatening to cut off his trust fund if he doesn't join the family business and get serious. Just one snag--Hawk has no clue about business.

Gruff giant Eli is doing his best as a single dad. He'll do whatever it takes to support his adopted sons. But the bills are piling up, his job is in jeopardy, and to blow off steam, he just did the dumbest thing ever, having an anonymous hookup with a fast-talking dramatic rich guy...who turns out to be his new boss.

Hawk needs someone to teach him about this business, Eli needs security for his family, so they make a deal--ten thousand bucks for Eli to share his knowledge. Should be simple. All they have to do is keep their hands off each other. But when Hawk realizes how much he wants this huge grumpy mountain of a man, he’ll have to make his choice: Save his billions, or risk it all to follow his heart.


The Law Of Seduction - Sylvia Quinn

Pro tip: no matter how cute the guy, always make sure he’s not your boss before you pounce him like prey.

Nate: How often do you learn the gorgeous guy you’ve almost hooked up with last week is going to be your co-worker? I’d say roughly never, so when I saw him in the office on my very first day, I explicitly made sure he knew he’s in for a fun ride.

If only it hadn’t turned out Ethan’s actually a partner at the firm. Yep, that’s right. I have all but solicited my boss, and now I’m somewhere between screwed and fired.

If only I could stop thinking about him, maybe I’d manage to get myself out of this mess, but apparently, what I can’t have seems to pull me the most.

How’s that for a fresh start in life?