Sweet and Spicy Deals for August 29, 2019

Resonance - Neve Wilder

I gave the rumor mill fodder for a lifetime the day I walked away from a lucrative music career without explanation...People can talk all they like; my record stores are my lifeblood now, and I’m devoted solely to keeping them afloat in the digital age. There’s just one little thing distracting me: an earth-dwelling sunbeam named Owen Harper. I don’t know what I was thinking when I hired him. In fact, maybe I wasn’t thinking at all.

I was cutting my first album while he was cutting teeth. He wants a music career, and I’m done with all that. We couldn’t be on more opposite paths.

He’s other things, too, though. Things that keep me up late at night. Things that make me forget I’m supposed to be simplifying.

And damn does he love to push my buttons.


Ravaged Bond - Ashe Moon

In exchange for the money needed to support his family, Omega Bryan Turner has no choice but to sign a mating contract to the minister of his small town, the powerful and horrible Alpha Josef Zamgarg. But Bryan has yet to fulfill his end of the bargain. He just can’t seem to get pregnant.

With time running out and his family's welfare on the line, Bryan desperately seeks out a tribe of feared barbarian shifters whose magic may be able to grant his desires… But when he encounters Gan, Nugai and Munok, the three Alpha shamans of the pagan tribe, Bryan learns they’ve been waiting for him…

And the cost of his request is far more than he bargained for.


The Spell Checker - Colbie Dunbar

When you cast spells, don’t be surprised if you reel in something unexpected.

Arlo’s alone, and he’s in danger. After the death of his alpha mate, the alpha’s sister discovers he's pregnant with the heir to the family’s millions. And that can’t happen. The omega escapes, but when tracker dogs pick up his scent, he begs the universe to save him and his baby. Arlo must do something that changes not only his destiny, but also the life of his unborn child.

Observing the omega’s arrival is Hugo, the Vale Valley spell checker. It’s his duty to shield the community. The warlock is an old soul who has weathered centuries of human failures and achievements.

Hugo and Arlo are both drawn to and irritated by one another. Their bantering and arguing leave the pair vowing to avoid each other. But fate drags them together. And after the baby is born, questions and resentment are woven together with unwavering love. But when the omega unravels a mystery, he grills Hugo on the warlock’s commitment to him and the little one.

Is Vale Valley big enough for all three?


My Sister's Boyfriend - Jason Collins

EVERETT: When I show up to dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, and his twin brother Will, I find myself wanting what I can’t have. Will’s just as hot as he was back in high school, but we’re coworkers now—I have to keep it professional.

The problem? He’s only gotten better with age, and he’s giving me his undivided attention. He says he’s straight, but our siblings are playing matchmaker. Now Will and I are sharing a twin bed, and my crush is getting bigger. My sister and I couldn’t be more different, but our boyfriends are identical.

WILL: My brother and I might look alike, but Everett has no trouble telling us apart. A lot has changed since high school, especially Everett. He’s not the nerdy guy I remember. He’s a skilled engineer I can’t help but admire, and now I’m the one with a crush.

He’s the first man I’ve ever looked at this way, but that’s not stopping me. He forgets how determined a former linebacker can be. I’m taking a chance on Everett—he just needs to meet me halfway.


Malik - Kiki Burrelli and Crista Crown

All his life, Loshka has been trained to be one thing, a pleasure slave. He was taught the path to eternal glory was paved with obedience. His will is not important, not when compared to the will of his future master. But his faith is tested when Loshka is given to a brutal alien master who enjoys Loshka’s screams of pain more than his pleasure.

Malik and his warrior kif are searching the forsaken lands for a missing boy when they find Loshka. Malik never expected his mate would be an alien man who is as soft as he is vulnerable. He doesn’t have the hard scales or sharp claws that Malik and his kind use to survive daily in the harsh desert landscape. Loshka is not just afraid, but completely unaware of what it means to belong to another, not as an object, but as a mate. It takes every ounce of Malik’s patience to convince Loshka that he deserves more than the life handed to him.

But just as Loshka learns that with love, a future and a family are not impossible, his past returns to drag him back into a life of forced servitude.


Window Watcher - Matt Converse

Murder is in the eye of the beholder. In this M/M nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window, Heston is a writer who spends most of his life alone in his own little world. One spring day he pulls up his window shades and sees more than he ever imagined.

The gorgeous and younger Icarus wants Heston to commit to love. To prove himself, he ends up trying to solve a murder without either of them becoming the next victim. A peek into a stranger's secret world can change your own.


His Wolves - Hawke Oakley

Kidnapped, pregnant, and alone.

Matheson’s worst fears have come to life. Deep in the gryphon’s territory, he’s cut off from all three of his mates, and completely at the whims of his enemies. Worse, the king of the gryphons has a terrifying secret--one that threatens to sever his bonds with his fated mates.

His life depends on the prophecy, but the final truth of it has yet to be unlocked. Matheson desperately needs the key, not just for his own survival, but the survival of all shifters. But when an unexpected romance swoops in on the wings of a friend, Matheson realizes it might just be the key he’s been looking for.

With a baby rapidly growing in Matheson’s belly, danger mounts every day. His wolves must save him and their unborn child--or lose them both forever.


The Law of Three - Steve Milton

Ryan has life figured out. He knows what's up. He's way past his idealistic phase. He's making two hundred K fresh out of law school. And he's definitely straight.

In Los Angeles, Ryan can do an end-run around his coworkers back in Miami and get in good with the firm's owner, Abner: ashen whiskers, sinewy muscle, and a gravelly voice issuing commands.

There's just something about Abner, the way he looks at Ryan, the way he takes care of him—Ryan is straight though. He tells anyone who asks. He even blurted it out to their head-in-the-clouds Uber driver, Mauricio. But Abner is casting glances at Mauricio too.

Ryan's never needed anyone. Now he can't stop thinking about two anyones.

Isn't Abner straight? Isn't Ryan straight? Isn't Mauricio their driver? Aren't they on a business trip? Maybe it's the California air. Maybe it's a fleeting emotion. Or maybe it's The Law of Three.