Sweet and Spicy Deals for August 20, 2020

Dating Games - Jackie Keswick

What do you do if the man you’re building a family with has never been on a date? Take him out on one, of course.


Jack never just follows along. He wants to know what put this sudden bee in Gareth’s bonnet. Even when Gareth can’t—or doesn’t want to—explain himself.

Add a bunch of solicitous friends, two teenage boys offering dating advice, time apart, and a new home… and finding the perfect date becomes a bit more than the usual challenge.

Dating Games is a Power of Zero side story, following Jack and Gareth’s attempts at creating the perfect date.


The Honeymoon Gambit - I.M. Flippy

Todd Ellis and Eric Yoo don’t exactly mesh. So pretending to be a couple is not going to be easy. At Jackson & Larrabee Associates, one of L.A.’s up and coming ad firms, they’re both rising stars.

There’s just something about Todd that rubs Eric the wrong way. Todd is messy, chaotic, and makes too many jokes. Eric is too serious and has a huge stick up his butt. Todd wishes he would just loosen up. And if Todd always thought Eric was distractingly hot, well, that’s his business.

But when a new client invites Eric and Todd out to Catalina, it’s time to pull out all the stops. The gay couple that founded Gigi Entertainment have a lot of couples and families working for them. So what better way to sell them on a campaign than by pretending to be a couple?

All they have to do is get through the week without killing each other...and somehow resist the growing sexual tension between them. Welcome to Catalina Island.


Rules to Live By - Quinn Ward

His life may be falling apart but he's not looking for someone to fix it. Or is he?

Slade's not at rock bottom but he's close. His band split up, his bank account is empty, and his best friend went and fell in love.

As soon as Jack saunters up behind him, Slade's immediately on edge. Jack is fancy suits and expensive whiskey, while Slade is dive bars and cheap beer. Besides, why would someone who owns a kink club be interested in a wreck like him?

Slade doesn't want to crave Jack, yet he can't bring himself to disobey his demands. He knows Jack can give him rewards he never dreamed of... Structure. Hope. Love.

Jack might be in charge, but it's Slade who holds the power. In order to get what he needs, he'll have to accept Jack's help.


#20DaysToLA - Tanya Chris

Braxton has a plan. To fly out to LA where he has an apartment and a coveted entry level job waiting for him. To build a life filled with the security and stability he never had as a kid. To find a husband who’s a lot like him: steady, smart, responsible, and capable of making good choices. To leave Connecticut and everything in it behind him, including his mother, her revolving door of suitors, and his straight ex-stepbrother.

Craig has a plan. To convince Braxton to drive out to LA with him. To see every last sight along the way, no matter how weird or expensive or out of the way. To have one last hurrah before embarking on the adult life he’s in no way ready for. And maybe to act on the bisexuality he’s kept to himself so far.

Whose plan wins? Is twenty days enough to make it from Connecticut to LA and from ex-stepbrothers to friends to happily-ever-after? Will Braxton’s stuffed bear, Mr. Lovey, find a real-life bear friend? Find out in this slow burn, friends to lovers, opposites attract, bi awakening, road trip romance in which there’s ONLY ONE BED.


Rogue Affair - Rhys Everly

MrRomantic: I kissed my bully. And I liked it.

Sweet_Peaches: And? How was it?

MrRomantic: It was hot. So hot. But... I think I’m in love with someone else.

Sweet_Peaches: Who?

MrRomantic: I think I’m in love with you.

Sweet_Peaches: But you haven’t even met me. You should give your bully a chance.

MrRomantic: Why?

Sweet_Peaches: Because he has feelings for you.

MrRomantic: How would you know?