Sweet and Spicy Deals for August 12, 2021

Breakaway - Lizzie A. Williamson

An injured racer. A hero on the ice. Can their unexpected bond bring them out of a dark past and into a fulfilling future?

Uppsala, Sweden. Professional motorcyclist Jesse Mitchell wants his old life back. After a near-fatal accident, he's depressed by his slow recovery while stuck in a wheelchair. But then Jesse is caught off guard by a handsome neighbor.

Hockey star Hugo Magnusson never hesitates to help a fellow athlete in need. When he sees his neighbor struggling after a career-ending disaster, Hugo takes him in to assist with his recuperation. But he can't ignore the undeniable attraction drawing them together.

As Jesse falls for the selfless team captain, he struggles to keep his internal frustrations from affecting their love affair. And while Hugo dares to venture into a budding relationship, a figure from Jesse's past threatens to destroy their connection.

Can two distressed athletes take the risk to find a happiness they've never known?


Showstopper - Regina Kyle

I swore I wouldn’t do this again. Mix sports, school, and sex. But right now the only thing standing between me and the NHL is six feet of frenemy packed into a pair of form-fitting jeans that have me thinking all kinds of things I shouldn’t. Mostly how to get him out of them.

I don’t just want Kolby. I need him. Because I’ve got to pass this theater class--yeah, I said theater--if I’m going to keep my spot on the team. When tutoring sessions turn into dates-not-dates over Shipley Cider at Vino and Veritas, I realize it’s going to be harder than I thought to keep my hands on my stick and off of Kolby. Worse, I think I might be falling for him. But I’m not ready for that. I want to keep this thing between us on the down-low for now.

But Kolby hates secrets. Especially his own . . .


Behind the Velvet Curtain - Matt Converse

The life of a stripper isn't what you might think. A scrawny kid from Ohio transforms himself into San Francisco’s sexiest stripper, meets hunky Justin and does things he’d only fantasized about. Just when he seems to have it all, an obsessed fan turns stalker and threatens to take it all away.


The Gryphon Guardian - Hawke Oakley

Omega Leo wasn't supposed to be alone on vacation. But when his fiance stands him up, Leo's stuck on a tropical island resort with nothing but the clothes on his back... and the bottle of lube in his carry-on bag. Heartbroken and bitter, there's no way Leo can enjoy the remainder of his botched trip—especially since his now-ex cancelled his return ticket home!

Everything changes when the kindness of a stranger brightens Leo's day. Alpha Maverick is hot, wealthy, and kind, but is way out of Leo's league. Despite Leo's attraction to Maverick, a romantic relationship is impossible—or so Leo thinks, until he's the only person in the world to learn Maverick's biggest secret...

Could a disastrous engagement be the best thing that ever happened to Leo?