Sweet and Spicy Deals for August 1, 2019

Maple Springs: The Complete Series - Spencer Spears

Love in the North Woods

Don’t miss the complete Maple Springs series! Fall in love with these men of the north woods as their romances blossom under the starry skies and pine forests of Minnesota. The series follows a group of friends in the lake-side small town of Maple Springs as they uncover secrets, reconnect with old flames, and find love in the most unexpected of places…


Rip Cord: The Complete Trilogy - Jeanne St. James

This set includes all three novellas in the Rip Cord trilogy.

The Reunion (novella 1):

Gil Davis hated high school. Ever the geek, he has no intentions of attending his tenth year class reunion. The last thing he wants is to relive the taunting and teasing he received during his teenage years. However, there is one thing he misses from high school: the star Varsity football player. The one he had a crush on from the first day he laid eyes on him. But the last thing he expects is the now-pro football player to come back to their home town to attend a lame high school reunion. Known as the Bad Boy of the NFL, Ripley "Rip" Cord not only shows up, but shows up without a date...and an eye for Gil.



Proud - Tatum West

I haven’t been with a guy since my ex burned all my stuff and stole my cat. I don’t have money or a degree, and I've lied to Will about all of it.

But I’m falling in love with him. I can’t let him know that. After our fake relationship ends, leave town before he finds out what I really am. But it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye.


Entwined - M.M. Wilde

Sometimes dreams come true… Literally.

For as long as fae Bram can remember, he’s been anxiously awaiting the day he reaches his maturity. As a life-giver, it means his Alpha will finally become known to him and he can begin his own family. But when his one true mate doesn’t appear, the devastated omega fears he must be broken.

Nerdy human Darby has been dumped by his boyfriend via email. As if that wasn’t bad enough—his job sucks, his tiny apartment is a hovel and he has no social life. And now he’s hallucinating that the cute twink who shows up in his dreams is in love with him. Clearly, he needs professional help.

When Bram learns that his Alpha is a human, he must cross the veil so they can be together. However, no fae can survive on the earthly plane for long before they die. If Darby doesn’t believe he truly exists, then Bram will have no choice but to leave his fated mate forever.

Convincing a flustered human that fairies are real has never been so annoying—or so dire. Because now, there’s more than one life at stake…


The Scoop - Louisa Keller

Neil: Until I met Easton Devereux, I had no idea that a single night could change my life. One minute our eyes were meeting in a hotel bar, and the next I was falling hard for him. Saying goodbye in the morning was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and I drove away lamenting the fact that we only had one night together. Or so I thought…

When Monday morning rolls around, I find myself at the elite private school where I will spend the next year teaching philosophy. And who is sitting there? None other than my life-changing one-night stand.

Easton: At twenty-three years old, I’m well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an award-winning journalist. When my boss sends me to the exclusive Laurelhurst Academy to go undercover as a student, I’m over the moon. But everything starts to crumble around me when I find myself face-to-face with the man I slept with—and started falling for—right before arriving at Laurelhurst. I desperately want to tell Neil the truth about who I am, but blowing my cover is not an option. Because if he knew, his job would be in jeopardy.


A Family Of His Own - Rheland Richmond

XAVIER​: Former Navy SEAL Xavier Thierry knows he is good at his job… protect the client. You do the job but never get too close. When the friend asks for a favor, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes. But babysitting some pampered brat is nowhere on his to-do list.

Until he first lays eyes on Cris. The rules blur once Cris ends up in his arms. How can Xavier let him go when he’s the only one who chases away the darkness?

CRIS: Cris Whitcomb thought he finally found his happily ever after… But the fairytale soon became a nightmare, one that left him with only one choice—to push away those he loves to protect them. His chosen family's solution: call in someone trusted to watch over and protect him… Xavier.

But what happens when your future walks in on the worst day of your life? Maybe sometimes you have to go through the bad to get the best...


Pregnant Rock Star Omega - Dex Bass

A rock star with a secret baby

Johnny Omega is at the top of the charts. The only thing he still doesn't have is love. Backstage encounters fill the lonely void.

Morning sickness announces the surprise of his life. But if his record company finds out he's pregnant, his career will be over.

A billionaire with a secret past encounter

Aaron is Johnny's biggest fan. It gives him something to do since he became a billionaire. He even met Johnny backstage once. The room was dark and Aaron never was one for commitment, but it was a very good time.

Aaron volunteers to be Johnny's guardian. It's going to be all business.

But Johnny's secret might be Aaron's too.