Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 8, 2021

Sealed with Honor - A.J. Marcus and Caitlin Ricci

Having an arranged marriage could either be a catastrophe, or the best thing that’s ever happened to two shifters unsure of their fates.

Cam always knew his father would arrange his mating. His best hope is for a mate who eventually becomes a close friend. His biggest worry is that he won’t be able to keep his best friend. He can’t keep his tears at bay, even during his own mating ceremony as he feels like he’s losing the only real friend he’s ever had.

Jenner isn’t sure why his new mate looks like he’s going to his death. He wants to be friends with Cam, and his traditions make it hard to get close to him. Jenner wants to get to know his new mate, if only Cam will let that happen. The little glimpses he’s had tell him he’s been mated to a feisty man who won’t back down.

Having an arranged mating isn’t ideal, but for Cam and Jenner it might be the best thing for them both if they will let go of the fears that hold them bound to the past.


Beneath the Opal Arc - Lee Colgin

The love story of a rare male witch who saves the world and the vampire who saves him.

As the battle rages, Laurence stops to witness a witch casting a powerful magical arc. Werewolves race past, running for cover, but Laurence can’t tear his gaze from the vulnerable spellcaster.

When Remy is injured, he doesn’t expect a vampire to come to his rescue. What is he to Laurence if not dinner?

As sparks fly between the unlikely pair, can they find solace in love, or will the supernatural war claim two more victims?

A vulnerable witch lost on enemy soil. A lonely vampire fighting to protect his charge. A love story neither of them saw coming.


Covert Strength - Elouise East

A single father receives more than he bargained for in the shape of an ex-military man in this emotional, low angst MM romance.

Can one night change their entire future?

Zak's son means more to him than anything or anyone else. He refuses to allow another person the opportunity to hurt them. One night stands are all he can afford - emotionally and physically. When one night turns into more than he bargained for, he is blindsided in more ways than one.

Kenzo was honorably discharged from the military when he was in an accident. Adrift, he focuses on what he can do to help those in a similar situation. But hiding his roommate’s condition is taking its toll. One night with Zak turns his world upside down, and he finds he can’t go back to the way things were before.

What happens when secrets unfold and trust is tested to its limit?


Penny For Your Thoughts - TL Travis

This year has been the worst for Braxton Parker. Losing both his mother and grandmother has taken the festive from his holiday spirit.

Braxton’s best friend Callie presented him with a gift he really wants to return but she won’t allow it. Checking his pride at the door, Braxton embarks upon the journey bestowed to him, certain the outcome won’t be what Callie expects. Little did he know, fate has its hand in the mix and things will never be the same.

Taylor Henderson loves small-town life, outside of the lack of eligible men there are to date, that is. Working on the family farm was never part of his dream but when the family inherited the land and cabins he spent his summers working at, things started to look up. Taylor spends his time renovating and breathing new life into the structures but still feels like something is missing.


Broken Crown - Ashe Moon

The kingdom has fallen. Military leaders Phoenix and Griffin Greer have taken the Omega Prince Lars Lyandri as their prisoner. But the Alpha brothers desire more than simple pleasure from their unwilling captive. They have a secret mission, and in order to succeed they must claim something only a royal Omega like Lars can provide them.

An heir.

Deep in heat, he is unable to resist the mating bond Phoenix and Griffin force upon him. Can he find a way to escape from the grip of the two ruthless Alphas? Or will he succumb to his own body’s primal desires?