Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 4, 2019

Streets Apart Hearts Apart - H J Perry

A gay friends to lovers romance. Now also available as an audiobook.

I’m Aaron. I’ve got a crush the size of Europe on Joe, who lives across the street, and when he’s around, I transform into a prize idiot.

The rest of the time I’m a trainee plumber. On Sundays, I play in the amateur football league. In all, a confident, well-adjusted guy. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and falls apart over the boy not-quite next door.

This is a hot, sexy, feel-good romance about two young men who fall in love for the first time. They are crazy about each other and do lots of kissing, hand holding, and taking their clothes off.



Spring For Me - Raleigh Ruebins

He’s cocky, filthy rich, and he might put me out of business… so why do I still want him so badly?

Patrick: The last thing I needed was a hotshot opening a fancy bar in my small town. On the same street as my own humble bar. But Taran isn’t just a problem for my business--he’s a problem for me. Ever since we met, he just wanted one thing: a hookup. But I don’t do that. I have a bar to run, a brother to take care of, and a mountain of debt to pay. …But then I ended up in Taran’s bed. And now I’m sleeping with my biggest rival. So why is it hot as fire when we’re together? And is there a sweeter side of Taran I can’t resist?

Taran: I live, dream, and breathe success. I was already the most popular bar owner in the big city, and now I’m opening a new one in this dinky little nowhere town. Easy, right? …Or so I thought. Because everything is different in Rose Falls. For the first time in years, I’m feeling things I thought I was incapable of. I have a crush on a guy. I had vowed never to be in a serious relationship again, but Patrick cares about me like no one else does. And God, he’s hot as hell in bed. Could I really belong with him? Could I belong with anyone, in this tiny town that I might actually love?


Under His Watch - Victoria Light

Ryan: It’s been seven years since I left Bautista Synn on a dusty battlefield. Now we’re stuck together in a South American jungle. I needed a bodyguard and was in dire straits—Bau was the only option I had.

I refuse to fall for him again. I’m too afraid of what might happen if I let myself go. My birthparents didn’t want me. My adopted parents rejected who I am. Sometimes it’s easier to run away than get abandoned by the ones you care about.

Bautista: I didn’t expect to run into Ryan at the gala. I didn’t expect he would try to hire me. And I definitely didn’t think I would say yes. It’s just a job—I don’t give a damn about the man who ripped my heart out seven years ago.

But now Ryan isn’t the only one who needs my help. We’ve found a little baby boy left alone in the jungle and if we’re to get him out alive, Ryan and I are going to need to work together. But that doesn’t mean I have to like him. So why the hell is he still able to drive me wild?


Mr. Mouthful - Ian O. Lewis

Josh- After years of hard work I finally landed my dream job as a musician with a major orchestra. When our new conductor with a name too hard to pronounce strutted on to the stage for the first time, he oozed a confident and cocky sex appeal that captivated me and every other person present. I was used to being the wallflower, the boy always picked last for the team. So when he demanded I meet him after work for a private rehearsal, I was shocked. Of course I went, only to discover my new conductor was a bit handsy, if you know what I mean. At first I thought I was reading too much into it, but the chemistry sparking between us was real. Serge was more than just my boss, he was a force of nature determined to make me his.

Serge- Don’t fall in love. Ever. That’s how I lived my life, until I met him. When I first laid eyes on Joshua, all I could think of was how much I wanted to hear his voice screaming my name while I… you get the picture. I was coming dangerously close to falling for him, which could destroy me and the paper-thin walls I’d built to keep the world at bay. On the outside, I appeared to have everything a man could want. A successful career that spanned the globe, and a face that appeared on the covers of magazines. On the inside, I had a secret that could destroy us both.



Rail Tour - Louisa Keller

Finley: Leo has been the most important person in my life since college. Bold, outgoing, and funny as hell, he is the best guy I've ever known. When we decide to take off for an impromptu backpacking trip in the dead of night, I assume we'll spend the next several weeks wing-manning for each other. But then a night in a Barcelona club goes horribly wrong. Leo risks everything to keep me safe, and as he holds me in his arms that night, I realize that I'm madly in love with him. Too bad he wants this trip to be our last hurrah before he leaves Seattle behind for good.

Leo: I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life somewhere where nobody thinks of me as a dumb stoner with a million notches in my bedpost. But when I'm offered my dream job in Florence, I start to wonder if I can really leave Finley behind. Snarky, clever, and absolutely gorgeous, he is everything I want...and more than I deserve. Could he possibly love me back the way I love him? And can I build a life with him while still moving on from my past?