Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 30, 2020

Now and Forever - Morticia Knight

For Seth, life no longer means endless pain.

Joy greets Seth everyday as his bond with Daddy deepens. They’ve built a world together that represents safety and comfort, and he knows that Daddy will keep him for always. Seth’s trust in him has also left him feeling strangely curious. To his surprise, he discovers he’s eager to explore new kinks.

Malcolm now knows Seth was meant for him.

The curse of being alone has lifted, and Malcolm is thankful every day that he once again has love in his life. But Seth is more than just another boy. Seth is the other part of Malcolm he hadn’t realized was missing. In addition, his boy is becoming more open and adventurous in all ways. How could he be more fortunate?

Then unexpected tragedy strikes, and both men must face that forever sometimes means starting over…


Alpha's Heart, Omega's Home - Ashe Moon

Not even a psychic could predict my utter misfortune.

The Gray House is the last thing I have to remind me of my late parents, but my greedy aunt managed to steal it from me while I was off trying to make a living from my paintings.

Now, the family home is in the hands of Barret Highcall—yes, the alpha supermodel actor. I have to find a way to get the house back from him, even if it means outright refusing to leave!

I've found a way to convince Barret to let me stay temporarily, but it's not out of the kindness of his heart. I’ve got something he wants. But now that we’re unwitting roommates, I’m seeing a whole new side of him he kept hidden away. Looks can be deceiving. As gorgeous as he is, he’s definitely not the angel he appears to be on screen—and I hate that I’m starting to want him so badly.


Outback Treasure I - Ann Grech

Can the fresh-faced historian solve the legend of a gold-laden reef? Or will the seasoned station owner succeed in protecting his land at all costs?

Geeky graduate historian, Pete McKenzie, has spent seven years searching for Byron’s fabled reef—the holy grail of gold deposits. Determined to be Australia’s answer to Indiana Jones, a chance discovery sends Pete to outback Queensland, Pearce Station.

Forty-year-old station-owner, Scottie Pearce, calls outback Queensland home. The red dirt runs through his veins. But Scottie’s protecting a secret that could destroy his family’s five-generation legacy.

Fireworks blaze in this epic tale of lust, love, and betrayal as both men discover a treasure they weren’t even searching for… outback treasure.


Crossroads Revisited - Keta Diablo

Private Investigator Frank McGuire is beginning to think Baltimore is a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets but this time the killer is targeting gay college students.

When an enemy from Frank’s past surfaces, he sends his lover, Rand, away for his own safety. He has no idea the serial killer already has Rand in his sights. The clock is running.

Can Frank find Rand before it's too late?


Breaking the Ice - Anders Grey

Derek: Romance ruins everything. After swearing off love, all I want is a quiet life in the mountains with my dogs. But everything changes when a city boy named Blaze comes barreling into town. When Blaze’s mistake gets my assistant injured, I’m forced to swallow my bitter pride and admit he’s the only available replacement.

Aside from my sled dogs, Blaze and I are the only two people on my mountain property. Being in close proximity with him quickly gets on my last nerve. He’s inexperienced, naïve, and clumsy—he’s everything I can’t stand. So why am I dreading the day he finally leaves?

Blaze: After graduating, I flew up north to pursue my dreams of meeting my hero, Derek Winters, and his dogsled team. I’m crushed when Derek tells me to get lost, but when his assistant gets hurt, a stroke of fate intervenes. I’m the only person in the world who can help Derek, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.