Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 25, 2019

Gypsy's Rogue - Layla Dorine

Growing up in a house with little joy, or love, left Grady Stoltz eager to get out. At the first opportunity that presented itself, they left home with a young man who used their preferred pronouns, accepted they were gender fluid and wished to change their name. Dubbed Gypsy, they never expected to return to that farm they’d been raised on, but life took some unexpected turns, leaving them a little older, a little wiser, and the new owner of a house full of memories and regrets. Haunted by the memories of the father who never accepted them, they are in a very dark place when Rogue arrives. Charismatic when performing, yet shy and vulnerable when alone in a crowd, Rogue seeks shelter with Gypsy, hoping for peace and a chance to see if the tiny spark that had once flared between them, can be kindled into a roaring flame.

Two battered souls, one tattered farmhouse, an old dog, a cranky chicken, several misspoken words, and one crazed ex-husband combine in an explosive combination of truth, lust, dreams, and vengeance. Will the force of it tear Gypsy and Rogue apart, or leave them closer than they ever dared to hope?


Love is a Walk in the Park - V.L. Locey & Stephanie Locey

Sullivan Haines knows exactly what he wants out of life. Fame as a Broadway dancer and to find the man of his dreams. Sadly, his love life is a dismal mess, his roommate is PMS personified, and working at a dingy dance studio teaching old people how to tango and foxtrot is not exactly the bright lights. Actually, life in the Big Apple is pretty rotten, until he and his dog run into tall, dark, and oh-so-handsome Duane Hart in the park. Their pooches hit it right off, but can the two men find romance along the park’s winding paths?

Duane Hart hasn’t had a lot go right in his life. His girlfriend recently broke up with him, taking everything that wasn’t nailed down or in his roommate’s name. Well, everything except the Yorkshire terrier that he didn’t want to get in the first place, and that she now refuses to take back. However, when he meets a handsome stranger and his pit bull in the dog park, will the blooming heat in his chest be able to convince him to start dating again? Or will fate prove love isn’t a walk in the park, after all?



Darian - Nina Markov

Taken from his home in the middle of the night and thrown into a cell, Darian D’Arq couldn’t have had a worst fate. Three warriors from the Alpha Tyron planet have decided he is the Omega they want, and he already knows no one will come to his rescue. Saying “no” to the barbarians who’ve been protecting the solar system for so long would be madness.

He’s trapped, cold, and now they want to train him and discipline him. They want to break him first, and then claim him. When his heat rears its lusty head sooner than expected, will Darian be able to resist the temptation of giving in to the three hot Alphas who now own him?


Immortals Box Set - Michael Mandrake

"Dark, seductive, blunt, and entertaining..." - Amazon Reviewer

In The Realm, immortals and their mortal mates or servants roam what is known as the third plane–the middle connection between heaven, earth, and hell. The son of the Dark Lord and Death rules that plane, recruiting fallens, vampires, shifters, and dragons. In return for their allegiance, Valios includes them in his horde and promises them eternal life as Soul Catchers, the most high of all souled demons who are always prepared to fight the Great War for prominence in the realm.

Although immortal, the beings of this world are not perfect, needing to work towards it as a goal in their eternal existence. In the meantime, beings encounter emotions and feelings similar to that of humans, such as consciousness, remorse, anxieties, fear, and love.

Follow the beings of The Realm and their stories of learning to accept their imperfections as they continue to maintain the life the Dark Lord requires. Even though they’re demons, not all good qualities are forgotten by souled demons on the third plane.


The Leipold Brothers Series - Ashe Moon

A duo of steamy contemporary omegaverse mpreg romance novels starring two brothers looking for their forever mates.

[My Next Door Omega] Parker Leipold is an alpha who gives zero f*cks. He knows he’s the best at what he does, and what anyone else thinks about him doesn’t matter—except when it comes to his home life. He’s kept that a big secret, having been cut off by his parents for supporting his estranged brother and four-year-old nephew, who both live with him in his tiny apartment. With them to look after, Parker couldn’t care less about anything else—especially not his stuck-up omega classmate, Kell Eden.

[Trust, Love] Omega William Leipold has always chosen the wrong alphas. Since leaving his abusive first ex, he’s had to raise their son Nate all on his own, and through eight years of struggle he’s managed to do well for himself. But after a string of failed relationships with alphas way too similar to his ex, William is convinced he’s been cursed to fall for alphas who will hurt him in the end. He badly wants to believe that Dakota Cloud is different, but can he learn to trust love?


His Secret Summer - Xander Collins

Shane has a secret.

He likes to be bad. He spends the little free time he has searching online for guys he can hook up with in men’s bathrooms. The hookups are hot, but they never give him what he desperately craves … a deep connection … and a baby.

Austin has a secret too.

He also meets men for no-strings hookups.
But he’s the professor at Portville State University and would lose his job if anyone found out. He’s careful to meet men far from Portville, so no one recognizes him. But one night Austin realizes he hasn’t been careful enough.

He finds out the young man in the stall next to him, the one he just used through a glory hole, was one of his students.

Austin knows he’s the one that’s screwed now.