Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 22, 2021

The Capital (The Knight and the Necromancer) - A. H. Lee

It’s a classic fairytale: Knight meets necromancer. They argue. They fight. They…make out?

Roland is the premier knight of the realm, leading troops in a bloody war. Sairis is a necromancer with a price on his head, eking out a lonely existence. When they meet under false pretenses, their mutual fascination is obvious. But can their attraction survive the revelation of their identities?

Knights have hunted Sairis all his life, and Roland has been taught since childhood that necromancers are inhuman monsters. When they are targeted by a sorcerous attack, Roland and Sairis will have to work together to survive. If they can’t sort out their feelings for each other, the entire realm may fall.


XOXO, Doyle - A.W. Scott

He thinks he's not Daddy material... Pierce has lived his life mostly alone. He has his job at the bakery and a few close friends. That's all any man needs right? Wrong! There's a part of him that's begging to be free. To be known. When he meets a group of people embodying everything he desires, will he turn away or embrace it with open arms?

Doyle moved to get a fresh start. He'd been working hard to take care of everyone else in his life, that he'd neglected his own joy. With his mother's encouragement, he and his friends move to the big city to start over. Doyle's first goal: Find a Daddy to love him just how he is. When he meets Pierce on his first day in town, he decides the big, quiet baker might just be perfect for him.


America's Next Top Stripper - Matt Converse

Ten sexy strippers deliver erotic strip shows each week to compete on a new reality show. Ex-stripper Matt and supermodel Justin host them in a San Francisco mansion, and Matt finds himself battling the temptations of resident bad boy Ace in order to remain impartial as head judge. But how can he possibly resist his undeniable swagger?

In the world of America’s Next Top Stripper, a dozen gorgeous men all under one roof is asking for trouble— the very best kind.


JT's Mission - Rosie Jarvis

Wouldn't you like to be the filling in an immortal biker sandwich?

Closeted country singer, Kit Billups says, "Yes, please!"

JT and Growler are in service to Odin to protect humans. When a stalker targets Kit, his manager hires the Valhalla Warriors to protect his client. The bikers not only lose their hearts to the man but could lose their immortal lives to an evil force that even Odin can't defeat.