Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 2, 2020

The Keystone Alphas Bundle - Ashe Moon

Meet the seniors of Keystone Academy’s Death March Study Squad: Viggo, Dane and Red. Best friends since childhood and as close as brothers, they’re three alphas who share everything in life.

Omega freshman Brendan Prince has no friends and no clue how to manage the brutal rigors of his new university. When Brendan stumbles upon the DMSS, the trio take him under their wing to show him what it takes to survive. It’s quickly obvious that he was meant to be their friend, but he definitely didn’t expect to be the subject of not just one, but all three of the trio’s desires!

What in the world could an awkward omega like him provide to three perfect alphas like them?


Wedding Fever - Ryland Reynolds

Fake relationship. Real feelings. Friendship in danger?

Oliver’s a bit of a mess, and he’s got a string of failed relationships to prove it. He doesn’t want to drag his drama on his sister’s wedding cruise to the Cayman Islands, but he’s down one boyfriend and out of ideas… until his best friend makes a proposal. Fake a relationship and save the breakup story for later.

It’s perfect… Ben’s perfect. It’s too bad he’s straight. Right?

But when lines begin to blur and pretend starts to feel real, Oliver will need to decide if he’s willing to risk their friendship for something more… and Ben will need to figure out what he truly wants.

Their vacation can’t last forever. Can Oliver and Ben step out of their fake relationship and into something real? Or will it all wash away with the tide?


Black Magic - Xya Olsen

Cronus Chrystell daydreams about finding his elusive fated, becoming king, and settling down with a family. Crystalla's annual matchmaker's ball presents an opportunity, but everything changes when his father, the king, is murdered.

The tragedy exposes a curse afflicting both the kingdom and Cronus' lackluster love life. Cronus learns his mates have been by his side the whole time. Markus—a wanton demon whose tender touch bewitches Cronus' heart. Dene—a soft-spoken Selkie with a kiss that ignites Cronus' carnal desires.

Now, the three men are free to delve into the depths of their fated connection—and sparks fly. Friends to lovers, their heated passion is all-consuming, bringing Cronus closer to the family he yearns for—and the crown.

But to become king, he must clear one final hurdle: claim his mates and sire an heir. The clock is ticking—and with a killer on the loose, Cronus has everything to lose.




The Dragon Hunter's Son - Hanna Dare

A land of castles, swords and dragons… except the dragons are just stories now. The dragon hunters have done their job too well.

Philip travels from town to town as his dragon hunter father chases old glories and the next drink. Philip is there to carry the bags, tend to the horses, and fade into the background. The promise of riches brings them to a village in a remote valley, but Philip longs to find something – or someone – to call his own.

When a mysterious and compelling stranger appears in town, Philip hopes for connection – even a romance if they can hide it from his father. But the stranger has secrets of his own.


Revelations - Nikole Knight

Jai was my strength, Noel, my sanity, and Gideon, he was my safety. For my family, I would do anything. I would die for them, and I feared, in the end, that’s exactly what would be asked of me.

College freshman, Riley Shepard, is nothing if not ordinary—except for his crippling shyness, social ineptitude, and, every once in a while, seeing things that don’t exist. Other than that, he is definitely normal. Or at least, he tries to be.

When one fateful night opens his eyes to a universe he never knew existed, his life changes forever. Reality-altering truths are revealed, and Riley must navigate a world of angels, demons, and everything in between. Thankfully, three overprotective Guardians have made it their mission to help.

With the promise of friends, family, and freedom finally within his grasp, he fears not only for his heart, but for his life as well.

But some things are worth dying for.


Samun - Crista Crown and Kiki Burrelli

Long ago, Samun accepted that the Fires intended for him to be single. He’s too direct, too literal, too focused. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t felt a pang of longing as each member of his kif met their mates and started building families of their own.

He’s glad to be free of the distraction of a mate now. He can help his kif, help his people. That is, until he meets a cunning thief who shows Samun that his Fires have a sense of humor.

Samun knows what he’s meant to do—claim his mate as all his kifmatess have done. But his warrior brothers show him nothing but doubt.

Matters of the heart have never been Samun's strong suit, nor is explaining his feelings to his family, but he’ll have to learn to do both, or risk losing everything.


Silken - Isobel Starling

Matthew Fisher loved being a dancer, but his ten-year ballet career came to an abrupt end with a knee injury. He had to find a new way to make a living, and six months on the job training saw Matthew stepping out as a real estate agent for Aiken Luxury Lettings. Now, instead of stretching at the barre, Matthew spends his days inspecting the vacant London homes of their rich and famous clients.

Losing his dance career left a huge hole in Matthew’s heart, and to fill it Matthew began a Tumblr blog dedicated to his fetish for wearing lingerie.

One of his online followers presses all of Matthew's buttons, and a long-distance, online Dom/sub relationship develops. But when the relationship suddenly moves from online fantasy to real-life... can Matthew really submit?