Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 18, 2019

Lightbearer - L.C. Davis

Once upon a time, the devil knocked up a delivery guy.

Not your typical intro to a romance, but I promise, it is one. The devil in this scenario would be a sexy horned demon named Apollyon and the delivery guy would be me, Levi Curtis. Just an average guy who got in way over his head trying to keep his twin sister from selling her soul.

See, in order to do unleash Hell’s demonic wrath upon the earth, Apollyon needs a mortal vessel to contain the seed of his demonic army. It wasn’t supposed to be a literal pregnancy, but my overactive imagination has always caused problems.

Big problems, in this case. A whole Legion of ‘em.

I may low-key hate Apollyon, but we’re gonna have to learn to tolerate each other in order to keep our little bundle of infernal joy safe and hopefully not destroy both our worlds in the process.

But hey, on the plus side, you know what they say about guys with big horns.


Disarming a Raider - Ana Night

FBI agent Axel Bates is supposed to have a week off work, but when his best friend calls and begs him to protect his twin brother, how can he say no? But saving Maze turns into more than a simple rescue mission. There’s nothing in the rulebook about living with a mobster and certainly nothing about falling in love with one.

Maze Romero is a powerful and dangerous man. Finding out that someone wants him dead doesn’t come as a surprise to him. He took over the family business to protect his brother but when he’s the one in need of protection, the enigmatic man coming to his rescue is not what he was expecting. Neither is the emotions Axel stirs up in him.

Maze pushes a lot of Axel’s buttons and being stuck in close quarters together leads to unexpected things. Axel knows it’s dangerous to want Maze, but the sexy, alluring man is everything he’s ever wanted. Can they work together to stop those who want Maze dead or will the fling that’s only supposed to be temporary get in the way?



Recreational Love - Ian O. Lewis

“You still want to have sex? Because if that’s all you can handle right now, I’m prepared to keep it light, no strings attached.”

Spencer and Michael were separated two decades ago by events out of their control. Now reunited, they must come to terms with the hands life has dealt them.This is a steamy second chance romance about two men who have never forgotten the deep bonds that once glued them together. It features a wise aunt, an eccentric family, and has a HEA.



Silver Fox - Tatum West

I left for Cali the night of my graduation with nothing but a pink boa, a pair of strappy gold heels, and my silver eyeshadow from Sally Beauty Supply. I sang for pennies on Hollywood Boulevard in my broke and desperate days.

Now at twenty-six, I’ve got more Grammys than Madonna and a growing empire. Fame was everything I expected and nothing that I ever wanted. At the end of the day I’m on my own, with an overbearing manager and security team as my only friends. I made this life, and now I live in it alone.

When a stalker starts following me, and the paparazzi ambush me outside of a nightclub, I’m at my breaking point. That’s when Fox Lee appears—out of nowhere—tall and gorgeous with salt-and-pepper hair and a wicked smile that shakes me to my core.

He takes my hand and sweeps me away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. He even keeps me safe when the stalker shows up at my house the next day. I’d wrap myself up in Fox Lee and never come up for air. But he doesn’t want me. He just wants to be my lawyer.


The Alpha Vampire's Proposal - Colbie Dunbar

What happens when the person who changes your life is not only an alpha, but also a vampire?

Alexander is keeping watch over a special someone. But Declan, the omega he’s guarding, is human, and the alpha is undead. Declan wants nothing to do with the vampire, but Alexander is present for major changes in his life, and the omega can’t ignore him. While the alpha mourns his lost humanity, the omega also grieves for something he can’t get back, and they form an unlikely friendship.

After a catastrophic event, the pair are forced together, emotionally wounded and unsure of their feelings. And when Alexander proposes a solution, his brother, Ambrose, a rich and powerful vampire and head of their coven, pushes Declan to make a decision.

Deceiving the rest of the world, they struggle with their past and avoid thinking about the future, until the omega learns the truth and fears losing what he already has. Craving emotional and physical intimacy, the changes allow both human and vampire to explore new possibilities.

But when Alexander and Declan witness something they weren’t supposed to, it threatens the life they’d hoped for.


Always Yours - JP James

Blake: As a gay man, I’ve always done what I thought the world wanted to see. After all, D.C. is my stage and no one in this city is genuine. Are you kidding me? People have an image that comes to mind when they think Blake King: powerful, handsome, and living a conventional life. I feel compelled to follow that standard, even though it kills me inside.

Meeting Chase Adams has changed all that. Chase is a free spirit and pursues what makes him happy. He laughs out loud, and is unfailingly sincere. The man does everything with a sense of authenticity and new-found joy. By contrast, I’m secretive, sometimes even when I’m alone in my own home. Yet I can’t hide anymore. I don’t want to, not when Chase has shown me what I can be, and even more, what we can be together. I’m not after money or power anymore, because happiness is so much more worthwhile. But old habits die hard. When is the right time to let all pretenses go? Even more, will Chase wait for me as I release my old self and transform into a man worthy of his love?


Tales of Bryant - V.L. Locey

Four Seasons. Two Men. One Love.

For struggling film student Isamu Taylor, life's refrain is about to change from boring documentary about a passionless delivery boy to a blazing and wildly erotic love story.

After spending weeks admiring handsome but older Manhattan executive Brian Gilles while delivering brioche to him in Bryant Park, the man of his lusty dreams has just expressed a desire to get to know Isamu better. A night on the town is just the beginning of a whirlwind romance that will span not only four seasons but countless years.

Amid the beauty and charm of Bryant Park, New York City, two men are about to discover that love knows no age or economic boundaries. This is a collection of four short stories starring these two amazing men, their one sublime love, and the park where it all started.



Hop On - Kiki Burrelli

An overweight omega puts his life in the hands of a battered and bruised bodyguard...

Captain Aries did not escape his last mission unscathed. He blames himself for the danger he put his team in. To make certain that will never happen again, he'll resign after one last mission: to protect a VIP named Arthur on his way to Morningwood. Aries failed as a Captain, he won’t fail as a bodyguard.

Arthur has lived his life alone and on the run. Hiding from his sadistic twin, he cloaks himself in clothes and never engages with shifters, despite being one himself. But when a ruggedly handsome Captain from Morningwood shows up at his house to escort him to the shifter community, for the first time, Arthur wants to believe he could be safe. Arthur isn’t just concerned with himself though. He has his adopted daughter, Harlow, to care for. At two, her ability to spontaneously turn into a tiny bunny is strange. Not to mention the troubles it causes around bath time.

When a rival alpha approaches Arthur and offers him the safe life he craves, will Aries stand back and watch his future family be whisked away?


Play Series Box Set - Morticia Knight

Get all 3 books in the Play Series in this complete box set! Some like it rough... A second chance at love leads to a total power exchange journey for Phil and Terry. Will Terry embrace his new role, or will Phil's extreme expectations drive them apart once again?