Sweet and Spicy Deals for April 11, 2019

On the Ranger - Raleigh Ruebins

Shane Aarons is going to ruin my national park...And he may also ruin me.

Micah: The best thing about being a park ranger is having the forest to myself. The last thing I need is this new hire Shane getting in my way. He’s thin. He’s clumsy. His head is in the clouds... And sometimes I want to touch him. So, so bad.

I’m not gay. At least… I didn’t think I was. But now my mind won’t shut up about Shane. When he hurts himself hauling a wood pile and I have to take care of him, I hardly know what to do. Because now he’s in my house, letting slip that he wants me, too. How could I say no to that?

Shane: I swear, I wasn’t trying to get a park ranger job just to drool over Micah the whole time. But that’s kind of how I’ve been spending all my time. I’m not a great park ranger, but I’m trying. And when Micah bosses me around, I can’t help but fall for him.

But I never expected that one night, in the dark, he’d want to kiss me, too. And now that it’s happened, it’s getting harder and harder to control myself around him. Am I just falling for another straight guy who will leave me in the dust? Or could he be my ranger for real?


Tonight's Encore - Parker Avrile

Is there a second chance when your first love is a celebrity?

Bobby left his small hometown and his first love to claw his way to the top of the charts. A decade later, bounced from his band, the erstwhile rock star finds himself crawling back home alone.

Reed hasn't seen his high school sweetheart for years. His old hometown is desperate for a young doctor, but there aren't many places around here for a single man to find love. Then his loyal dog knocks over a handsome stranger squatting in the old Mason place-- a stranger who turns out to be his Bobby from way back when.



Oral Arguments - Ian Finn

Am I falling for the enemy? I was crushed when I found out my long-term boyfriend Gage had been cheating on me for years. All I can do now is try to put that relationship behind me and focus on my future career goals. At my law firm’s outreach event, I meet Calvin, a quirky, cute artist, and sparks immediately fly. Things are going great between us and I’m starting to think, “Gage who?!”

Then I’m assigned at work to represent Gage, of all people, in a lawsuit his ex filed against him. Gage is such a manipulative jerk that he specifically requested me, just to screw with me. And my boss won’t take no for an answer. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the person suing Gage is my new flame, Calvin. Yep. I’ve been falling in love with the guy Gage cheated on me with!

But Calvin swears he was just as wronged, as he hadn’t known Gage was with me. We were both played— and are still being played— by Gage. And now I’m being forced to choose between love and career.


The Alpha's Case for Love - Pernilla Oswick

Elliott needs a lawyer, not a mate. His Pack needs allies to stop their rivals encroaching on their territory, and they need a lawyer to defend them in court. That’s why he’s at this conference.

Michael's just here for a good time. The conference doesn't mean much, but when Michael meets Elliott at a dance, he knows their chemistry is the real thing -- zinging and electric. Getting himself hired as a lawyer by Elliott's pack seems a perfect next step to give him time to court the handsome Omega.

But when Elliott turns him down flat, can Michael prove that he can be the lawyer and the lover in one? Time is ticking for Elliott's pack, and Michael has to learn to step up fast. But he's fallen hard for the prickly Omega, and that's all the incentive he needs. At least...he hopes it's enough.

Learning that there were consequences to their dalliance at the conference changes things. Elliott knows that Michael is his baby's father, but can he be more than that? Michael wants to be everything to Elliott, but before Elliott will let him in, will he have to make his case for love?


Window Watcher - Matt Converse

Murder is in the eye of the beholder. In this M/M nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window, Heston is a writer who spends most of his life alone in his own little world. One spring day he pulls up his window shades and sees more than he ever imagined.

The gorgeous and younger Icarus wants Heston to commit to love. To prove himself, he ends up trying to solve a murder without either of them becoming the next victim. A peek into a stranger’s life can turn from sexy to deadly in the blink of an eye. What you see isn’t always what you get.


Temporary Bliss - Kiska Gray

Mika: It was only supposed to be temporary. I just needed a cute guy to take home for Thanksgiving so I could convince my overbearing mother that I had my shit together. How was I supposed to know that the hottie I picked up at the club was a rockstar?

Gideon: It was only supposed to be temporary. When I woke up with a tow-headed twink in my bed, all i could focus on was his bubble butt. So when he asked me to fake being his boyfriend for a family dinner, I figured why not? What did I have to lose?

Apparently, my heart.

And for a playboy like me, that's just asking for trouble.


Pendulum - Joel Abernathy

Torn between brothers, torn between worlds...

All I wanted was a fresh start when I left my abusive ex-boyfriend behind in Austin. What I got? A den of wolves.

No, I mean literal wolves--moon worship, fangs and all.

Sebastian and Victor? One’s troubled and dangerous, the other’s as overprotective as he is overpowered, and they’re both alpha males. Speaking of alphas, each of them thinks I’m his “omega.” Or /fleur/.

If I wanted anything to do with the wolf pack or its super-exclusive “gentleman’s club,” I’d be flattered that the twins are fighting over me like a scrap of meat, but I’m not that kind of guy no matter what they insist I am and there’s nothing gentlemanly about the wolves who run the Lodge.

Problem is, they’re not the only ones who are after me. Keeping the wolves at bay is hard enough, but when a vampire from my past comes calling, I’ll have to choose sides--and a mate--just to survive.


Not His Man - Victoria Light

Ford: It’s my first time doing this kind of thing. I even gave him a fake name. After all, I’m never going to see him again.

Virgil is nothing like my ex, and that's exactly what I want in a one-night stand. He’s alpha-as-hell, an ex-Marine, and when he takes me to his bedroom he checks off boxes I didn’t even know were there. Maybe I’m not as broken as I believed.

Virgil: I don’t usually go for stuck-up nerdy guys, but Ford is full of surprises. He seems reserved at first, but that all changes once I have him on his knees. Now, I can’t get him out of my head.

I don’t mind taking him home for another night or three, but anything more than that? No way. If a decade in the Marines has taught me anything it’s that life’s too short not to live it on the edge. I’m not going to be tied down.

The problem is, the more I’m forced to see him, the more I realize he makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else does.


Touch - Hawke Oakley

An abandoned omega.

When Felix failed to become pregnant with his arranged mate and deemed infertile, he was kicked to the curb like garbage. Too ashamed to tell his parents, and without the financial support of his ex, Felix vows to find his own place in the world - even if he’ll never have the loving mate and child he always dreamed of.

A blind alpha daddy.

Elijah may have given up his bodyguard career when he lost his vision, but he hasn’t given up seeking true love, and a submissive ‘boy’ to play with. Although he has a constant companion in his guide dog River, it’s no replacement for a human family. Above all, Elijah wants a mate and a family. But no one has given Elijah that spark - until he meets a gentle omega named Felix.

The magic of each other’s touch.

After a kinky night of breathtaking passion, Felix and Elijah realize what they share isn’t just lust. But everything changes when Felix discovers what should have been impossible - he’s pregnant.

And when dark shadows from their past threaten their happiness, can Felix and Elijah overcome the odds?