13 Sep

F/F Fiction Deals for September 13th

Firebird - Savannah Swan

A woman who understands animals better than people...

Since her grandparents died, wildlife rehabber Reese Greeley became a hermit with only wild animals and her dog, Cocoa, for company. Juggling the care of dozens of injured and sick creatures in her barn, she's forged a simple, if lonely, life for herself. Everything changes when her former best friend returns to town with a Purple Heart and a horrific story.

A former hotshot pilot with broken wings...

Jean Jardine left Big Woods for the Air Force Academy so she could escape her late father's abuse. After a harrowing and widely-publicized experience in the Middle East, she's back, but she's not the same person she used to be. Hindered by pain and PTSD, she can only see a bleak and solitary future for herself. But when she finds an injured hawk in her backyard, she crosses paths with her best friend from high school.

Two best friends open their hearts to love...

Jean starts helping Reese with the animals, and the two friends rediscover the rapport they once had—as well as the fact that they're both into women. But when more hawks are found injured and a wildfire threatens the barn, Jean finds she has to overcome her fears to save the animals. Will Reese be able to help her fly again?


Seeking Witches - Cailee Francis

A supernatural attack leaves Raven, a male witch, unconscious and clinging to life. While his fiancée and children wait for news, an enemy is discovered: one as dangerous as they are ruthless, and they’re hunting members of his coven.

Rose, a succubus and fledgling private detective, has strong personal ties to that coven. Her girlfriend Lisa is a member, as are Lisa’s close friends. Knowing her girlfriend is in danger, and of Lisa’s need to protect and help the other members, Rose will do all she can to identify their enemy and help the Circle of Harmony coven survive. It’s more than a job – for one pink-haired succubus, it’s personal.

Their enemy doesn’t seem to care what harm they cause, what laws they break or who gets caught in the occult crossfire. With the Enforcers one step behind, Rose and the coven must band together and stand strong when things get ugly.


Cinders - Cara Malone

Cynthia “Cyn” Robinson has only ever wanted three things: the approval of her stepmother, to save lives as a firefighter, and the attention of her dream girl, Marigold Grimm.

A socialite who most of the town refers to as Grimm Falls royalty, Marigold is so far out of Cyn’s league that even dreaming about her could be considered inappropriate.

And Cyn has all but given up on her stepmother, who refuses to accept a daughter who does not delight in wearing dresses and working in her clothing boutique. Cyn tried to be that girl ever since she and her father moved to Grimm Falls, but sooner or later, she always turns back into a pumpkin.

One thing Cyn does have is her job. She’s a great firefighter, and when an arsonist strikes her beloved town, she’s ready to forget the unfulfilled parts of her life and throw herself into work – until Marigold Grimm’s beloved garden becomes the firebug’s next target.

Cyn puts out the blaze, but there’s more than one type of spark flying as Cyn and Marigold meet. Is her dream girl really within reach, or will it all go up in flames?