01 Nov

F/F Fiction Deals for November 1st

Flight of Fantasy - Savannah Swan

"With romance novels, there's always a happy ending. But real life is more complicated."

Romance novelist Diana writes about women finding their true loves, but she can't find the right woman for herself. She's too busy traveling the world, always flitting from place to place. And she's too hung up on Tara, her best friend from college, who she's pined after for years but never imagined she could be with—until one fateful visit.

“My life is here. Your life is… everywhere else.”

Diana's visits are the highlights of Tara's small town, cubicle-bound life. But this time, Tara is awakened to the fact that she might just be into women after all—specifically, her best friend. The two decide to take a vacation to London, and romance blossoms. Tara grows more independent, self-assured, and determined to escape the inertia that's holding her back.

“We can create a life together that makes both of us happy.”

As Tara finds her own path, Diana realizes that she has her own demons to fight. How can she build a life with her best friend if she never stops in one place? When Diana realizes her fantasy of a life with Tara could come true, she has to make a choice—can she finally stop running and commit to the woman she's loved for years?


Silhouette - Robin Hale

Dr. Molly Fawn’s life is surprisingly normal, considering that she spends her days running support for a man who can fly and lift city buses with one hand. But when Molly interrupts the Silhouette — the city’s most notorious thief — in a middle of a job, everything gets a bit more exciting.

Suddenly, Molly sees the thief everywhere, and those leather clad curves and wicked smiles are all she can think about.

The Silhouette seems determined to lure the mild-mannered Dr. Fawn out of her shell like taking a gem from a vault, but will Molly have the courage to let the beautiful thief have a shot at stealing her heart?



Starstruck - H. L. Logan

Amelia has poured her heart and soul into her dream of becoming an actress. All her sacrifice is about to pay off when she’s offered her first leading role, but there’s one catch: it’s the lead in the lesbian romance movie Real Love.

Amelia’s never so much as looked at another woman, and she can’t help but feel intimidated at the prospect of faking intimacy with a girl. Especially when she finds out who the other star is…

Heartthrob Jessica Black is known for her luscious curves, cheesy movies, and flings with actors—not for her acting talent. But the dates are all fake and sometimes she feels her entire life is just a publicity stunt. The only real relationship in her life is the one she has with Cleo—her rescued puppy.

Jessica wants to create a film that will make the world a better place. But when she signs up to star in a lesbian romance movie to raise awareness for equality, she faces resistance from her publicist, her agent, and even her own family.

And to top it off she seems destined to clash with her feisty, short haired, vintage suit wearing co-star Amelia. When the two decide to work out their scenes with some private rehearsals, their relationship only grows more complicated.



Lost and Found - Gia Rose

Olivia’s curious. Jessica’s closeted. Can a lost dog lead them to love?

After learning her longterm boyfriend cheated on her, Olivia Parker is starting over in the small town of Port Perry. More than ever, she's focused on finding herself and what she wants in life—until a sick dog wanders into her house and reminds her how to love.

Dr. Jessica Grey leads a quiet, private life. After being rejected by her family, she’s convinced she only needs the animals at her clinic to keep her company. But when a beautiful new resident brings a stray dog in for a checkup, Jessica craves a human connection.

The pair team up to find the dog’s owner and as much as Olivia enjoys Jessica’s company, she can't shake the fear of being betrayed again—and Jessica’s concerned about how a relationship with Olivia might out her. Will their pasts keep them lost, or will they find themselves in each other?



A Hidden Hope - Laura Ambrose

Natalie and El used to be writing critique partners, sharing their work chapter by chapter. Falling in love off-page was like the next part of the story. But after a huge falling out, three years have passed in bitter silence.

When they both appear at a science fiction convention in London, Natalie, a struggling writer, wants nothing to do with El, the hot debut novelist who sold her book at auction under a male pseudonym. But over the weekend, ignoring each other–and their attraction–proves impossible, not least because they have several panels together. Can El hope to atone for the mistakes of their past, and is Natalie willing to let hope fly?



Rising Moon - Cailee Francis

Life in Bellasford is seldom peaceful for succubus, Rose. A fun night out to celebrate her girlfriend's birthday takes a sinister turn as a mutual friend is found near-dead, drained of her life energy: the hallmarks of a succubus feeding.

With the Succubus Moon drawing near, suspicion falls on Rose and her long-missing mother, Ella. Investigation leads to more victims drained of energy and no clear suspect in sight.

Racing against time, Rose, Lisa and their friends Alexis and Jamie seek to unravel the mystery before more innocents are attacked or something worse happens. They know the energy is being taken for a reason and could place a great deal of power at their adversary's fingertips.