21 Jun

F/F Fiction Deals for June 21st

Mama Bear - Ava Stark and Dana Niteshade

Bears are born to protect. No one knows this better than bear shifter Lily Wood who has dedicated her life to the U. S. Marshal Service. But her life is turned upside down when she fails to protect a pregnant witness whose dying wish is for Lily to raise her newborn daughter Angel. Now Lily must come to terms with the haunting failure and adjust to life as a parent all while trying to woo her stubborn neighbor Alex.

Tea shop owner Alex is hopelessly attracted to Lily, but that only makes her more determined to push the U. S. marshal away. A relationship could never work out between them, not while Lily is working in law enforcement and Alex is hiding her criminal past. But when Lily shows up in the tea shop with a newborn baby, begging for Alex’s help, Alex can’t refuse. And she can’t help getting close to Lily, despite the danger of Lily discovering her secret history.

But there are more threats to their relationship than just the truth. When the man responsible for killing Angel’s mother returns, Lily will have to fight to protect her new family.


Come Home - H. L. Logan

It's just a typical night at work when Kalli spots a pair of sparkling green eyes that promise to change her life. She’s instantly drawn to the gorgeous customer who walked into the video rental store, but the closer she gets to Dana, the more this feels like love at first sight—and the more terrifying falling for her becomes.

After all, Kalli is way out of her league with Dana.

But Kalli can’t fight her feelings when Dana invites her into her life, introducing her to the orphaned siblings she’s struggling to find a home for. Could someone so caring, passionate and beautiful really ever want Kalli? As their relationship intensifies and the challenge of finding a family for the children seems impossible, Kalli and Dana both have to learn that there’s more than enough love in the world for everyone.


Playing Pretend - Maria Jackson

For years, Sabrina's been harboring a crush on her smart, successful friend. Whenever she's hinted at her desires, Vivian's rejected her - but now that she's crashing with Vivian temporarily, the attraction is impossible to ignore.

When Sabrina drags Vivian to an animal shelter, Vivian falls head-over-heels for a fluffy grey puppy. To get the dog, she and Sabrina have to pretend to be a couple. That's going to feel strange, since she's always carried a torch for her carefree, spontaneous friend. But it's only this time... isn't it?

The shelter shares Sabrina and Vivian's story online, and they grapple with their newfound Internet fame. Each has their own reasons to go along with the fake relationship. But when both are suppressing their feelings for each other, how long will they be able to play pretend?


A Reverie of Flames - Cailee Francis

Born again into the mortal world, I'd hoped to escape the war between light and dark fae. I wasn't alone - Sorcha (my love) and Princess Saphira of the seelie (who we were sworn to protect) were with me. Rings gifted by Queen Carisse of the seelie ensured we were born in the same timeframe and we'd remain together. More than chance brought us to the city of Grayhaven. It was magic and destiny.

Sorcha had returned to my life the day she saved me from an unseelie attack; that was when my memories had come flooding back. Now I found myself regaining my awareness of who I was and discovering how serendipitous fate can be at bringing you to the right place at just the right time.

In the unique position of remembering our fae origins, Sorcha - now Angelica, a white witch who opposed unseelie interests in the city, and I had a lot to catch up on. As she brought me up to speed, I realised the depth of my feelings for her, and that I wanted to continue our romance into this, our next lifetime.

Princess Saphira was reborn as Ayla: my sister. Now an 18 year old student and budding witch, she was a prime target for the unseelie who sought to overthrow the seelie royal family. We had to protect her, and Angelica and I would do our best to ensure she stayed safe.