12 Jul

F/F Fiction Deals for July 12th

Seeking Witches - Cailee Francis

A supernatural attack leaves Raven, a male witch, unconscious and clinging to life. While his fiancée and children wait for news, an enemy is discovered: one as dangerous as they are ruthless, and they’re hunting members of his coven.

Rose, a succubus and fledgling private detective, has strong personal ties to that coven. Her girlfriend Lisa is a member, as are Lisa’s close friends. Knowing her girlfriend is in danger, and of Lisa’s need to protect and help the other members, Rose will do all she can to identify their enemy and help the Circle of Harmony coven survive. It’s more than a job – for one pink-haired succubus, it’s personal.

Their enemy doesn’t seem to care what harm they cause, what laws they break or who gets caught in the occult crossfire. With the Enforcers one step behind, Rose and the coven must band together and stand strong when things get ugly.


The Bachelorettes - Maria Jackson

When Claudia goes on a reality show where she'll be alone in a cabin for three months, she assumes she'll have no problem winning the cash prize. As a studious introvert, isolation will be a piece of cake. Except when she arrives, another girl is already there. Miriam is arrogant and flirtatious - and completely captivating.

Miriam is also surprised to have company in the cabin, but for her, it's a plus. Claudia is just the kind of smart, beautiful girl that turns her on. They'll lose the game if they fall in love - no problem. They'll be thrown off the show if they even touch - now there's a problem.

Claudia can barely stand Miriam, and Miriam only wants to seduce Claudia. Will they hate each other by the end of the filming? Or will they end up breaking all the rules?