02 Aug

F/F Fiction Deals for August 2nd

Wind and Sea - C. L. Ryder

Cammy Walker has never been in love. Not in high school, not in art school, and not since she’d gotten her work into major galleries across the country. It’s not that she doesn’t want it—she’s just never found the right woman—until a trip to the beach put her right onto Cammy’s canvas. The mysterious surfer in red. She’s charming and sexy, and Cammy can’t get her out of her mind… but there’s only one problem: The girl is 100% undeniably straight.

Lei Castle is a real free spirit. She’s traveled the world with only her surfboard, and now she’s finally back home in the California. With her van set up on the beach, her only worry is how the waves are going to be that day. When Cammy shows up at her private cove the two are drawn into a close friendship, and Lei takes it upon herself to show the risk-averse painter how to have a little excitement.

As Cammy falls deeper in love with her friend, it becomes harder and harder to keep her tremendous desires a secret. Will she suffer the pain of unrequited love for as long as they’re together? How can the tides of fate make an impossible love a reality?


Shattered Paradise - C. L. Cattano

This epic series invites you into the life of Rafaella Salvaggio and all of the people in her life, from family and friends to lovers and enemies. Her life has been full of tragedy, secrets, and betrayals. Lately, everything has been spiraling out of control. The past is catching up with her, and she will have to fight to get her life back. In her struggle to win back the woman she just can't live without, her mettle will be tested. She will be up against her own inner demons as well as a fundamentalist group whose mission it is to separate her from her ex-partner and their daughter.

For Rafe Salvaggio, meeting Eden Kingsley was the best thing in her life, but now it was all lost. It seems she is constantly reminded it was no one’s fault but her own. Rafe still hasn’t moved on from Eden, but with the help of her friend Julia, she is getting back into the dating scene again.

For Eden Kingsley, the past eight months have been spent caring for her daughter and trying to fit into her new life with her new fiancé, Jake. Seeing Rafe date again was unexpectedly hard to see, but Eden is determined to do better about giving Rafe time with Bronte. The arrival of a mysterious envelope sends Eden into a panic. It holds a secret that threatens her and her daughter, and she is confronted with a reality she might not survive.