01 Nov

Author Interview: Garett Groves, Rock My Heart

Sweet & Spicy is starting a new series of interviews so our awesome readers can get to know their favorite authors even better. Our first interviewee is Garett Groves, author of the Spice of Life series and Clickbait. He's here to discuss his newest release, Rock My Heart.

Rock My Heart is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Q: Hi Garett, welcome to the Sweet & Spicy blog! Jumping right in, what can you tell us about your brand new rock star romance?

A: Thanks for having me, I’m excited to be part of this. So, yeah, my new book is called Rock My Heart and it is in fact a rock star romance—with a May/December twist. It tells the story of Blaze, the lead singer of the hard rock band HEX, and Darren, a young guitar prodigy who’s hired to fill in on the lead guitarist slot for the band’s 20-year anniversary tour. The two characters pretty quickly realize there’s chemistry between them on and off stage and in typical rock star fashion, things get larger than life before either of them knows it.

Q: Sounds intriguing! Since you mentioned it, as an author, you’re known for writing May/December stories. Were there any particular reasons you decided to write about a May/December rock star relationship? How about any challenges?

A: I’ve always loved rock music—I grew up on a steady diet of classic rock thanks to my parents—so when it came time to brainstorm a new book, the concept of rock stars grabbed me. I’m fascinated by the role that the media and the Internet plays in our lives, so I really loved the idea of toying with a May/December couple who lives their entire lives in the public eye.

As for challenges, I’d say the toughest part was wrangling the tour schedule around the romance and keeping the relationship as realistic as possible. When you’re writing about characters who live exciting lives like rock stars, it’s easy to forget that they don’t have unlimited resources or lose track of the fact that those people want the same basic things that we all do.

Q: Interesting! What was the inspiration for this book? Was there anything specific you could point to?

A: Good question! I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but a lot of the inspiration for the book came from my own personal life. When I was a teen I was in a rock band with some of my best friends and I had dreams of making it big in music, which sadly didn’t pan out, haha. Also, I recently joined a church choir, so music has been on my mind a lot. So, I just thought that there were too many signs for me to ignore. It was almost like I was destined to write this book or something.

Q: So, what’s next for you? Any other books in the pipeline you can share with us?

A: Sure! As anyone who’s been to a store recently knows, we’re entering the holiday season and I’m a major sucker for cheesy Christmas celebrations and rituals. So, I’m planning to release a series of three, possibly four, holiday novellas, all of which take place in the same small town and revolve around the concept of what home means to different people. And, of course, they’re all May/December stories!

The first is called Coming Home, and I’m aiming to release it in mid-November. The rest of the series will be released not long after leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. I’m really excited to cheese up people’s Kindles with holiday cheer. 🙂

Q: Awesome! Is there anything else coming up for you that you’d like to share? Where can readers find you online if they’ve never read anything from you before?

A: Right now, I’m all focused on finishing up the series of holiday novellas, so I don’t have anything besides that, though I’m working on some big plans for next year. If readers would like to check me out, the best place is on my website at: www.garettgroves.com or on Facebook, which I’m pretty active on.

Q: Alright, perfect. Thank you so much for being our guest, Garett!

A: Absolutely, thanks for having me!


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